Welcome to Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative

Welcome to the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative website which is our network for the communities that are part of the Age-Friendly Initiative. Here you will find information about the participating regions and the communities within them. Feel free to select your geographical region, view the information listed and participate in the conversations, using the features built into this website. As well, browse our other website sections for general information about the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative, its news or contact us with questions or comments.

Welcome to the Age-Friendly communities Web site!

Launched in March 2011, the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative Web site is an online, one-stop resource centre that will provide Age-friendly communities with information, discussions, resources, and identify key persons to assist communities in becoming more age-friendly.



Age-friendly information available on the Web site

  • Under the Resources tab, download age-friendly reports and guides, find links on other age-friendly projects, locate information specific for communities and organizations.
  • Under the Communities tab, download and adopt age-friendly committee resources, read individual community consultation reports and profiles, find age-friendly related news, and look at the community's age-friendly photo gallery.
  • Under the Media tab, find news related articles on the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative and watch age-friendly videos.


Speak to a resource team member


If you are interested in accessing resources, holding a community consultation, promoting age-friendly, or speaking with a resource team member, all communication can be sent by email to resourceteam@agefriendlymanitoba.ca or call (204) 945-6565 (toll-free: 1-800-665-6565).



The Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative supports seniors in leading active, socially engaged, independent lives that contribute to healthy aging. Visit the “About AFMI” tab to learn more about the Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative.